6-Way Stretch


Balanced Forces in Blue


To achieve success, it takes time and hard work, but comfort shouldn't. Made with our revolutionary Buttercloth fabric. Heavenly soft to the touch, this blue with white textured pattern long sleeve button down feels like your favorite t-shirt. Comfort achieved!

  • 100 % Natural, Sustainable Cotton
  • 6-Way Stretch for Maximum Movement & Comfort
  • Breathable Construction Keeps You Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter
  • Wrinkle-Free Convenience
  • Contrasting Detail in Collars, Cuffs & Buttons
  • Discreet Buttercloth Signature Logo


By selling exclusively online, we save our customers a huge amount of money. You can compare the quality of our shirts to those you’d find in the big department stores, but at more than half the price.

Retail pricing vs. Buttercloth