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Let's face it, dress shirts can be a real pain. Our founder, Danh Tran, always said “they’re stiff and they’re scratchy.” So Danh set out to make a dress shirt that felt like his favorite T-Shirt . . . and Buttercloth® was born.
It’s made of a revolutionary long fiber cotton, with 6-way stretch that moves with you all day long. It doesn’t wrinkle. And the patented “Icy Cotton®” technology uses organic mint fibers to keep you fresh and cool. It’s even antibacterial, so it keeps out odors.
You’ll also appreciate the premium, subtle details that give Buttercloth® shirts their amazing style. So whether you’re spending the day in the office or a night on the town, choose Buttercloth… the most comfortable shirt in the world.
Icy Cotton Shirt
Organic Mint Fibers
Organic Mint Fibers
Nature's own cooling power that you can feel
Long Fiber Cotton
Long Fiber Cotton
Natural, sustainable, long fiber cotton
Antibacterial to Keep Out Odors
All day freshness you'll love
Wrinkle Free
Wrinkle Free
Easy care to keep you looking good
6-Way Stretch
6-Way Stretch
Stretch that delivers maximum movement and comfort
Breathable Construction
20x more breathable than Polyester
Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank Investor
Robert Herjavec
“I’ve never seen a shirt like this built with long-fiber cotton and 6-way stretch. It’s something you have feel to believe. And then when you wear it, you’re a customer for life. That's why I backed Buttercloth.”